Safety rules

Read before use


The tower must be assembled by an adult.

The tower can be used by your child from about 18 months, as long as they can stand securely and walk independently. It can only accommodate one child at a time, with a maximum weight of 120 pounds.

Always supervise your child when using the tower. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your child.

The removable barrier is a safety measure for your child and should therefore always be installed when using the tower.

Make sure the tower is placed on a flat, straight surface inside the house. Uneven surfaces such as grass or carpets should be avoided. Tile and ceramic floors may not be level. In this situation, a felt tip pen can be used to align the height of the legs.

For your child's safety, use the tower in front of solid surfaces, like a kitchen island or counter. An empty space in front of the tower could allow your child to fall.

It's time to adjust the height of the tower when your child's hips are above the height of the counter or island. In this case, you just have to lower the level by following the instructions included in the box.

You need to check the strength of the tower periodically. Feel free to tighten the attachment points as needed.